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 the COLLECTOR'S event

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PostSubject: the COLLECTOR'S event   Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:53 pm

no admins/owners cant particapate

ok the game is:
u need to put a pic of ur self wearing these items..
torva helm
armadyl chaps
ancient ceremonial top
blue cape (from nomad)
mud battelstaff
adamant boots

u should put a pic like this ^^ and ur name in chat saying:

"im gonna win this event!!"

mods can particapate and admins and owners can help the people get the set.

good luck! i hope some one make it.. lol its a bit hard... but nothing impossible

ok i found that torva helm is a bit hard.. so u can now do this set instead...
robin hood hat
armadyl chaps
ancient ceremonial top
cape of legends
mud battelstaff
adamant boots

heres pic^ if u need cape of legends pm me in game!!

ill accept both sets.. the prize will be 100-200m depens on how fast u brought it Very Happy
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the COLLECTOR'S event

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